How to hang Your Art

Hanging art isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

When hanging one large piece, keep the center of the painting 57” from the ground. This, of course applies if you are hanging it over a low piece of furniture like a couch. 57” is an average eye level.




When hanging a group of art of similar subjects.


Mat and frame them the same way for a more cohesive look. Hang them in a vertical, horizontal or grid pattern.















To Hang a group of paintings of different sizes.

Lay the paintings on the floor and arrange them in a pleasing shape. Place your largest piece first and arrange the smaller pieces around it. Create a grid pattern or an oval pattern using the smaller pieces to fill in.











A single piece makes an elegant and simple statement.










Two pieces together add a bit more drama and creates a pleasing arrangement. 












But, when you hang 4 pieces together, Wow! It makes a bold dramatic statement. The 4 pieces work together to make one large piece.