Award winning artist Kathie Miller talks about how she got into digital painting and explains the process from start to finish.

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to an exotic location?
Want to experience an up close and personal moment with a wild animal?

Yeah, me too. But let’s face it who has the time to take several weeks off work? Not to mention the cost of such a trip?
I can take you to those wild places and have that up close experience without leaving your home.
My name is Kathie Miller and I'm a wildlife artist. My biggest dream in life was to take a trip to Africa and experience in person the excitement of seeing the magnificent elephants, lions, and rhinos. But life had it's own plans and I never got there.
Instead, I paint the very scenes I dream of seeing in person. Now you can see the dreams too.

 Art has always been my escape from the daily life. I've worked in many different mediums from colored pencils to pastels, textiles to sculpture. It's the computer that is giving me the greatest enjoyment. I can create the exact image I'm looking for without the mess, fumes, and cleanup. I can experiment and achieve the mood that no other medium can.


Join me on your next adventure through my art.


I paint nature to move and inspire people to seek a deeper connection with the world around us.