Kathie Miller is a self taught artist and has always been drawn to wildlife.

In 1974 she moved to Melbourne, Australia where she raised her two children and fell in love with the Australian wildlife. “They are so unique to the rest of the world, and so many of them are endangered.”

She works in many different mediums often using a magnifying glass to capture the tiniest details.

Through her photo realistic style, she creates an emotional bridge between the subject and the viewer. “I feel a deep connection with the animals as the painting progresses and want the viewer to feel that connection as well, to be part of their life even for a moment and think about our relationship with nature.”

Kathie currently lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.


Bronze Award Global Painting Conclave Animal Painting 2023 International Juried art exhibition

Silver Award 2023 Camelback Gallery, All Animals International Juried art exhibition

Talent Prize Award 2023  Art Show International Gallery Juried  Animal Art Competition 2023

Bronze Award 2022 Camelback Gallery, Realism

Featured Artist Camelback Gallery November 2022

Finalist 2022 Artists for Wild Dogs & Other Wildlife Juried exhibition

Finalist 2022 International Achievement Awards in Pastel Juried exhibition

Finalist 2022 David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022 competition.

Artist of the Month, Camelback Gallery August 2022

Award of Excellence, Circle Foundation for the Arts, Artist of the Month Juried Exhibition

Merit of Excellence, 5th Annual Art Room International "Animals" Juried Competition

Runner-up 2022 Art Show International Juried Art Competition

Gold Award of Excellence, Camelback Gallery Amazing Animals Juried Exhibition

Bronze Award, Camelback Gallery Amazing Animals Juried Exhibition

Finalist, Camelback Gallery Shades of Blue Juried Exhibition

Second, Place Light Space & Time Gallery, Nature Art Exhibition Juried Exhibition

Fifth Place, Nature Art Exhibition, Overall Category Juried Exhibition

Special Merit Category, Light Space & Time Gallery, Nature Art Exhibition Juried Exhibition