Painting Landscapes in Photoshop 3

Part 3

Painting Landscapes in Photoshop – Part 1

Painting Landscapes in Photoshop – Part 2

My third landscape “Autumn Morning” required a different brush. These are deciduous trees with more round leaves.

Trees alight the river bank in their full autumn colors. Digital painting by award winning artist Kathie Miller.

I first had to create a brush for the deciduous leaves

When I was happy with the results,  I added colors and opacity

Single brush on the left used multiple times on the right.

Close up of the trees

These were painted as in the demo in Part 1. Starting out with the darkest color and working, layer by layer to the lightest color. I created each tree one at a time. I find if I block in the whole area, it just doesn’t have the variety and depth I’m looking for. When all the trees are done, I go back and use the same brush as an eraser to open up the trees to let the sky show through.


I also needed to create a texture for the rocks. This brush was used for adding texture and shaping the shadows.




Painting Rocks

Painting rocks in Photoshop step 1


I first create the rocks freehand and fill in with 50% gray. Then I lock the transparency. This allows me to paint the rock without worrying about going outside the shape.



Painting rocks in Photoshop step 2



Using the texture brush from above, I start with a dark brown and begin to shape the rock creating the shadows.




Painting rocks in Photoshop step 3


I continue shaping the rock using various colors; creams, golds and darker browns. I also change the size and opacity of the brush to create random textures. I add a little light, a little dark, maybe a bit more light. Back and forth until I’m happy with the results.


Painting rocks in Photoshop step 4

On a separate layer above the rock layer, I add the shadows using a purplish blue, then reduce the opacity.

On another layer, this time below the rock layer, I create the cast shadow. I use the same purplish blue, then black. I blur this layer a bit, then go back and add a bit more black just on the rocks edge.





Close up of the rocks

In part 4, I’ll show you step by step how I created the Riverbank painting and a few more brushes I created and a step by step on painting the clouds and the water.








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