Digital Art: The New Art Movement

Charging Bull Elephant - Kathie Miller, digital painting, digital art

Digital Art

The new art movement and what it means for a collector


Rarely do collectors have the opportunity to get involved at the beginning of a new art movement. That opportunity has arrived in the form of digital art. It’s time for a different group of artists to come forward and be recognized.


Walk-Through-Raster Frieder Nake - Frieder Nake, digital artAlthough digital art has been produced since the 1950’s, it has not been considered seriously until very recently. Part of the problem is, in my opinion, there is the impression that the computer does the art, not the person and because a hand did not touch canvas or paper. Artists who employ digital tools are making inroads into the world of fine art.  it is time for some serious consideration as to what this art has to offer.



Coffee Splash - Zolton Tischler, digital artDigital Art techniques have freed photography from its own finality. In the hands of a digital artist a photograph is just the beginning, neither real nor unreal. It is merely a starting place for the artist to continue creating. Anything is possible.
Go Your Own Road - Erik Joansson, digital art




algorithic design tile 14th centrury

Digital imaging systems can produce art based on its own internal functions.

Digital Image - Silvia Gufozucca Cordedda, digital artMany view an “algorithmic procedure” as a strictly mathematical operation. Today we are inclined to view any well defined procedure as an algorithm. A recipe for baking bread is an algorithm. Follow the recipe faithfully and you will duplicate the kind of bread made by the person who wrote the recipe. The procedure has been highly simplified here of course, but it’s the computer that does the calculating Digital Image - Anastasyia Malakhova, digital art(creating the recipe) and the artist that does the programming (bakes the bread). Together they produce images that would take months or years to create if at all.



Fine art

Digital Painting - Charles W Bailey Jr., digital artSoftware’s ability to mimic the appearance of many traditional media, such as chalk, pastel, ink, watercolor, oils and graphite makes this, for me, the most exciting genre of all the digital art.The artist no longer needs to spend hundreds of dollars every year for materials, paints, canvases, thinners, glazing material, stretcher bars. The list can go on and on. They no longer need a studio space where Great Horned Owl - Kathie Miller, digital artthey can paint and not worry about getting paint on the walls. Not to mention the fumes and possible hazards of the chemicals, the clean up, the drying time which can take up to a year to cure. Digital art has completely eliminated all this. For me digital art is the perfect medium. I can paint without the worry of any of the above mentioned reasons. I can experiment with new ideas and not worry about wasting materials.

What this all means to the collector

As a collector, you have new frontiers of art-making to explore and examine. It means that, here, in the new century, there is an emerging form of art that comes directly from the technological invention. For the interested collector there is a fresh batch of art and artists to research, new things to learn and relevant art to appreciate.

Kathie began working with a computer in 1998. It was then she started to see the potential of the computer for art.  She explains painting on the computer is exactly like painting on canvas just without the mess and odors.

Her work brings the viewer closer into the world of wildlife, allowing the audience to glimpse a moment in the subject’s life. With attention to the smallest detail, the subjects seem to move on the canvas.



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